Battersea Tenants Co-operative

Membership and Allocations.

The Battersea Tenants Co-operative operates its own waiting lists for our one, two, three and four bedroom properties.

The London Borough of Wandsworth nominates prospective tenants to the Co-op for every fourth property which becomes available.

There are strict criteria to meet in order to be accepted on to the waiting list and the Co-operative cannot guarantee to house everyone accepted on to the waiting list. Allocation is decided based on a points system. The waiting lists are reviewed annually to check that applicants still wish to be on the waiting list and that their circumstances have not changed.

Who can apply?
To be accepted on to the waiting list, an applicant must be registered on Wandsworth Council’s waiting list and must be currently living in the borough. There must be a housing need in order to be accepted as places on the waiting list are limited.

All applicants must be prepared to actively participate in the running of the Co-operative either by attending meetings or joining a Committee. The organisation relies on the participation of its tenants in order to continue. If you do not intend to become an active member of the Co-operative, please do not apply.

How to apply

Applicants can complete an application form which is in the ‘useful documents’ section of this website, and return it to the office.

The form will be passed on to our housing and allocations officer who will carry out an initial assessment based on the information provided and then contact the applicant to advise either that the application has been rejected or to request additional information.

A home visit will be required to verify the details provided, to collect any further information regarding the applicants housing need and to allocate points as per our procedure.

Any information given at any stage of application will be treated in strict confidence. Only the Housing and Allocations officer will see the application and supporting documents.

Any attempt to unfairly influence an application will disqualify the applicant permanently.

Reasons for not accepting a nomination include but are not limited to:

  • The information provided in the application is incorrect and the circumstances of the applicant have changed to such a degree that they are no longer suitable for the properties available. For example, if there are more persons which would result in overcrowding.
  • The applicant did not want to live in the borough of Wandsworth

Once a decision has been made, a letter of either Acceptance or Rejection notifies the applicant – this letter explains why the Co-operative has reached the decision.

Waiting lists

The waiting lists are reviewed by the membership and allocations sub-committee on a quarterly basis and continually updated by our housing and allocations officer to ensure the information is up to date for each applicant.

The onus is on the applicant to advise the Co-operative of any change in circumstances which may affect their application.

Allocation of properties

When a property becomes available, an emergency meeting of the membership and allocations committee is called.

At this meeting, the pre-allocation of upcoming vacant properties is decided.

The offering of a tenancy is still dependent on an interview with sub-committee members and ratification by the Management Committee.

Any member of either committee with a conflict of interest relating to any applicant on the waiting list for the property size being allocated must declare so and not attend the meeting once it is convened.

Any attempt at influencing the allocation decision by an applicant at any stage will result in immediate removal from the waiting list.