Battersea Tenants Co-operative


All complaints made about the services undertaken by the Battersea Tenants Co-operative or those acting on their behalf will be treated in the strictest confidence. The full report will only be available to the Manager or the Chair of the Co-operative unless the complaint has been made to the Management Committee.

Who is eligible to complain?

Any resident who has a complaint against the Co-operative or those acting on its behalf may use the complaints procedure. A copy is displayed in the Battersea Tenants office and is available to download in the ‘Useful documents’ section of this website.

The type of complaint covered under the policy is as follows:

Complaints about the behaviour or performance of an employee of Battersea Tenants co-operative.
Complaints about the speed or standard of repairs carried out by Battersea Tenants co-operatives contractors.
Complaints about the behaviour or performance of a member of the Management Committee.
Complaints about nuisance from a neighbour.
Complaints about racial or other forms or harassment

Wherever possible, any disputes between neighbours should be resolved amicably. Battersea Tenants Co-operative aims to provide a supportive and efficient service to help residents to settle disputes.

Nuisance and harassment

Battersea Tenants will not accept any anti-social behaviour, nuisance or any form of harassment in any of our properties. You as the legal tenant are responsible for the behaviour of every person (including children) living in or visiting the property. Examples of anti-social behaviour include but are not limited to:

  • Using abusive or insulting words or behaviour.
  • Using or threatening to use violence.
  • Vandalism of co-operative property.
  • Offensive drunkenness.
  • Persistent arguing and door slamming.
  • Noise or fouling from pets.
  • Loud music.
  • Rubbish dumping.
  • Speeding and dangerous riding of scooters/mopeds

You must not use or allow the property or any communal area to be used for any illegal or immoral activity such as drug dealing or prostitution.

Excessive noise is a nuisance; please do not inflict your lifestyle on to your neighbours.

If you have a party, please inform or invite your neighbours. Please always be mindful that they might need to rest and have a quite night.

Please inform your neighbours if you are planning to do any DIY.

Permitted hours for DIY are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-12noon Saturday. No DIY noise is permitted on Sundays.